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Vegan Leather VS Veg Tan Leather

Vegan Leather VS Veg Tan Leather

Comparing Vegan Leather and Veg-Tan Leather:

Vegan leather can be quite misleading, as the term "vegan" typically indicates synthetic, artificial, or faux leather

The processes involved in creating these increasingly refined and aesthetically pleasing products often rely on highly polluting methods and petroleum-based raw materials.

To be more precise, natural vegetable-tanned leather stands out as the most environmentally friendly choice. It's important to note that the production of leather from animal hides utilises the skins and hides, but it's important to highlight that these animals are not primarily slaughtered for their hides. Leather serves as a byproduct of the meat industry, ensuring that no additional animals are sacrificed solely for leather production.

To put it simply, leather represents the sustainable usage of a secondary resource that would otherwise go to waste.

It also stands the test of time. A product that should last and age and patina.

After researching vegan leather, I have come to the conclusion that working with veg tan leather is the best choice for me and my business.

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